Investing With Us

The London 15 Property Mini-Bond issued by London 15 Finance Plc. Your funds are used to acquire property and residential land where have pinpointed value to be gained from development, planning changes and simply below market value property. Your investment is secured against the entire portfolio of assets held by London 15. You can invest from just £10000. Simply choose your secured fixed term and start earning an incredible fixed rate of return. Minimum term is 24-30 months for investment.

Investing with us

Why are we named London 15? Simple. We offer up to 15% per annum guaranteed returns.

Term Annual Interest (paid after 2 years and then annually) Annual Interest (paid at maturity)
2 years 10% pa 10% pa
3 years 11% pa 11.5% pa
4 years 12% pa 12% pa
5 years 14% pa 15% pa

Why Invest with us? 3 Simple reasons

  1. Security – we are a full collateralised UK company and want to keep a simple onshore transparent entity.
  2. Ease – Simple clear process for registration and investment.
  3. Expertise – investment ideas from our industry expert analysts.

All payments of interest are subject to withholding tax at the basic rate of income tax (currently 20%). Interest is not compounded. The London 15 Mini-Bond is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and your capital is at risk. The London 15 Mini-Bonds are non-transferable and cannot be held within an ISA account.

Mini Bond Issued by London 15 Property Limited

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