Key Features of the London 15 Property Mini-bond

Key features
Maximum diversification

Funds are spread across a number of projects in our portfolio. Every Bondholder therefore receives exposure to an equal share of our property portfolio, and the greatest amount of diversification possible.

Clear and honest fees structure

We only charge our investors fees which are necessary and required due to onboarding and changes to bond redemption. If nothing changes for the investor from start to finish, we simply don’t charge a fee.

Interest payment flexibility

Choose to receive your interest as a single payment followed by annual repayments, or choose to roll it up and receive it at maturity with an added bonus.

Property backed Investment

Every bond we issue is secured against tangible assets, primarily residential property or cash.

Rigorous evaluation

We select prime growth areas in and around the UK where we are always confident the investment is safe and has the maximum potential for appreciation and profitability.

Strong track record

With over 25 years of industry experience and a strong panel of trusted professionals within the property and construction industry the sourcing, planning, designing and building of our developments is seamless.

Key features

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